Scanero from Zeydoo: how to work with utilities and how much it can bring

Zeydoo is here and we want to share a mini case study from our partner who worked with one of our offers – a mobile scanner Scanero. You’ll find out how the test went and its results, what the ROI was and if traffic from Adsterra really converts well.

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About RollerAds Advertising Network

About RollerAds

RollerAds is an ad network, specializing in push, popunder, and in-page push traffic. Over the last year solely these formats contributed to 11+ million conversions, with the number of impressions exceeding 620 billion.

The network partners with direct advertisers all over the world and provides exclusive traffic. The platform is made by the in-house developers, who perfect it and add new features constantly, improving the quality of work for the partners.

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🎁How a media buyer can get maximum profit with upcoming holidays on Sweepstakes

The end of fall and up till mid January is the time when people are eager to spend money on themselves and their loved ones. And businesses are more than happy to give them this opportunity with big bonuses and different gifts. Which makes this time perfect for both advertisers and publishers.

But it’s also important to use this moment and make the most profit out of it. In this article we’ll share the experience of the Zeydoo media buying team and a case from one of our partners to show how you can do it too. 

P.S. And if you’ve never worked with Sweepstakes, below you’ll find a guide on how to start working with the vertical 💫

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Latin America – Prime Ads Case

Today we decided to share the case of our Spanish-speaking partner who drove traffic to Latin America. He chose Facebook as his main source of traffic and a relatively legal scheme of driving it onto a cryptocurrency channel in telegram, where he simultaneously promoted crypto and a crypto casino offer.

Offers: Both offers are exclusive in the network – PrimeXBT CPA crypto exchange and 0xBet hybrid casino offer

Warm-up: Web’s account was very well warmed up since it was originally used to promote white offers, nevertheless, he decided not to risk the account and instead tested the hypothesis with relatively safe crypto lessons.

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1Win offer – India CPA test

This time we decided to do a little experiment and test the rather popular Social Bar format. We chose the betting offer. You couldn’t possibly find a more stable niche, which is unaffected by any kind of cataclysm. And it is perfectly suited as a test case for new advertising formats. Here is a detailed case study of traffic driving from India with the CPA model.

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Gambling Case: Canada with an $8,700 profit

Gambling is one of the mainstream verticals that has been around for years and interest is unlikely to wane anytime soon. Despite all the problems with the drain on traffic from classic sources, the web continues to generate traffic into gambling.

Today we are looking at the case where an affiliate marketer combined two approaches: buying traffic in push nets and email marketing.

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