Click2Money is an affiliate CPA network with a unique ecosystem in the financial vertical. We build long-term partnerships. We have more than 20 GEO offers with a high rate. We develop something that has no analogues on the market:

◾️Traffic monetization using self-written SMS / WhatsApp mailing service at the lowest price;

◾️ Increase ROI with EPC auto-ranking on your web site;

◾️ Work automation with the help of bots;

◾️ Free applications for sending traffic;

◾️Earn points — Ever. Spend on gifts in our store.

Offer Category        :  MFO/Broker
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Payment Threshold Minimum $100
Payment Methods   : WebMoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist
Tracking Software   : Own tracking or you can use other
Affiliate Managers  : Skype: live:a.kashirina_2 


                                    LinkedIn: Alvina Kashirina


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  • Support9
  • Offer8
  • Payment9
  • Tracking9
  • 8.8


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29 thoughts on “Click2Money

  1. Sara

    Very good network and their support are very good. I have been working with them and now I am satisfied. Thanks Click2Money team.

  2. Nelly

    One of my favourite network, I already worked many of cpa affiliate network but C2M is the best in my career. Always good support and timely payment. I mostly recommend this network.

  3. Jeo

    I like C2M network for their converting offers also they always support their publisher. I am happy to work with them.

  4. Raiden404

    If you’re looking for a network with great conditions, the best managers and cool functionality – you’ve found it. Here I am launching traffic to financial offers on Europe. Now the results are down a bit, but overall the leads are dropping. And it takes a long time to make tests, but thanks to the good payouts, the profits are still great.

  5. JohnyM

    In terms of using all the features of this CPA network, everything is great. This network has a user-friendly interface and excellent conditions, it is comfortable to work here. In addition, the guys are always willing to find a compromise with their clients. They provide applications and promotional materials. I would like to say that the main thing is to have good traffic, then you can get access to various exclusives.

  6. Thomas Moore

    I’ve run traffic to financial offers already, but with other affiliate networks. The results were good, but they cannot even be compared to the results that I have got with almost the same offers here. I think such great results this network shows because of its quality apps and offers. So in my opinion Click2Money is the best network. And I think the results will only get better because there are more exclusive offers to try here.

  7. Shedemir

    This is a great affiliate network, I can’t say anything bad about it. Here you can safely run traffic, the offers and geo are great, the support service is always in touch, the manager is very helpful. So my rating is high, everything is great.

  8. evburda1001

    This is a good option for launching traffic to financial offers. If the traffic is good, the network shows stable and positive results. During the whole time of work I had only a couple of small problems, but they were quickly solved by the support team or manager. So you can earn good money here:)

  9. Goodwish

    I have been working with this affiliate network for a long time without any problems. It’s convenient to run traffic here, there are many different geos and offers that you can use. Also you can request apps and promos from the manager, which is very cool.

  10. zerogravity

    I registered hereafter reading a couple of reviews and articles. So far I like everything and I am satisfied with the functionality of this network. Especially I like the Landing page constructor and well made personal account, and also there is always visible and timely updated statistics. All in all, this is a good affiliate network. I can recommend it if you want to run traffic to financial offers.

  11. mustbetrue

    If you are looking for a stable and quality network, then click2money will suit you perfectly. There is competent support team and managers who will advise you how to work better, they always help me with the choice of offers. The variety of geo is also great. I am very satisfied with everything, now this is my main affiliate network for launching traffic.

  12. Oposit

    It’s very hard to name the disadvantages of this network. I would like to have more offers and geo, but I think in the future the guys will add them. Showcase website builder is a big advantage of this affiliate program, this feature is user-friendly and most importantly useful. The profit I get from running traffic is more than satisfying, but the main thing is to have good traffic.

  13. Nickey888

    This is a great affiliate program that allows me to earn steadily. The financial offers here are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the high level of service! And many thanks to the manager Alya – you are the best!

  14. CruelMachine

    Super!!! I can say with 100% certainty that this is the best affiliate network to launch traffic to financial offers! This network provides very high quality offers and if the traffic is good, you will get a lot of leads. Also the managers will have no problem providing you with apps or promos if you need them.

  15. Dave Jay

    I read about this affiliate network in one of the articles. I liked that the guys have a lot of useful software, and after registration I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly interface of the network and simple settings. And if any problems arise, the manager or support team quickly solve them, which is great. In 3 months, I was able to reach a stable earnings of $600 – $750. I think this is a good result.

  16. great_gladiusGG

    I am very happy to work with this affiliate network. Everything is great and at the highest level. If you choose the right offers and geo you can earn good money. The manager Alya told me a lot of interesting things and gave me some useful recommendations, thanks to which I am improving my results every time.

  17. Devid H

    Pretty good network! Lots of offers and different geos allow you to easily make a workable bundle. These guys are so cool, they always answer questions quickly and provide access to exclusives. I’ve never had any problems with payouts, I always get paid quickly and without delay.

  18. Preston

    This is one of the best affiliate programs for launching traffic. I liked that these guys have their own tool for SMS mailing, which you can use for a very low price. It’s not easy to find a good network like this, so I’m very happy to work with it and grateful to the guys who develop it.

  19. Mattias

    This affiliate network is reliable and I have never had any problems with payouts. The quality of offers is high, and there are exclusive offers with big payouts for leads. If you have quality traffic, you will always get high profits. I recommend this affiliate network, at least for testing.

  20. Geomanser

    In all the time I have worked with this network, I have not had a single problem that has not been resolved in a very short time by the support team or the manager. Thank you for your help and quality service. This affiliate network is very cool and it helps me make good money so I have nothing to complain about.

  21. rearm_filter

    This network has a lot of good offers and geos, and all the bundles I use bring a lot of leads. The payouts are stable and without delays, so I like this affiliate network, super!

  22. DAVID

    I have found some unique and exclusive offers here and am making good profits from driving traffic to them. ROI is always high and never drops below 48%.

  23. Jack

    First of all, I was attracted by the fact that the guys have their in-house sms mailing service at cost price for their webmasters. And in general, I get good results from driving traffic to Spain and Mexico. These two GEOs are the most profitable for me and they bring in a lot of money.

  24. Harti_male

    Among the offers I have found some interesting exclusives that bring me a lot of leads. In addition, I always receive payments steadily and without delay. So I have only positive emotions from working with this program so far. And I plan to drive more and more traffic.

  25. Paolo

    I drive all my traffic here, they have exclusive offers that bring a lot of profit. This affiliate program provides favorable terms of cooperation and the platform itself is convenient to work with.

  26. Miroslav

    I like how the work process is organized here, how everyone supports and helps each other. I quickly established communication with the manager Alia, she is super professional. The working conditions here are satisfactory and I have no complaints.

  27. Dustine

    The tools and conditions provided by this network allow you to easily scale up and make money. It is a great affiliate program, the best in its niche. And a special thanks to the managers.


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