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Traffic Company is a CPA Network with their own in-house mobile content (VAS) offers and a large list of offers from (exclusive) brands worldwide.

The verticals they are mainly active in are mainstream and adult video, utilities, games, dating, insurance/loan, and their own in-house Click2Call (IVR) campaigns which are basically sweeps with 1-click flow!

Offer Category        :  Mainstream Video, Adult Video, Games, Sweepstakes (IVR/Click2Call), Utilities,                                                        Dating, Loan/Insurance.
Payment FrequencyWeekly, biweekly, monthly
Payment Threshold Minimum $300 USD or 250 EURO
Payment Methods   : Bank (Wire), Paypal, Paxum
Tracking Software   : Custom (own software)
Affiliate Managers  : Tess,    Skype  live:tess_1271


Review Overview

  • Support10
  • Offer9
  • Payment9
  • Tracking8
  • 9.0


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